Friday, August 19, 2016


Hello! Happy Friday everyone!

This week felt like the longest week of my life.

So, we have been at the temple everyday from 2:30-8ish, except for Sunday's.

There is this family in our ward who's dad/husband is not a member.
The family took a trip to Utah and he stayed here and he was secretly
taking the lessons from the Spanish elders! What?! When his family
came back, they were eating dinner one night and the dad said casually
that he was going to get baptized! His family didn't believe him at
first! The wife said it took them 20 years! He got baptized and
confirmed on Saturday and me and sister Nielson missed it! The other
sisters went and said the baptism was 2 and a half hours or longer! I
think they left before it ended! Crazy! And like the whole ward came!
There was another baptism of an 8 year old boy on Sunday and me and
Sister Nielson was able to stay for that. It was really good.
There was also a girls farewell who is going to Germany on her mission!
We ate dinner at the wrights home. One of their daughters is also
going on a mission soon and I think her farewell is this Sunday.

One day at the temple, a couple of teenage boys came into our room and
they were from all over and were living in Virginia doing door to door
sales. They asked where we were from and I said Nevada and this one
boy asked what part and I said Henderson and he said he used to live
there during his middle school years and I asked what middle school he
went to and he said Mannion and I said "no way! So did I!" He then
asked how old I was and I said 20 and he is 19 so we were there at the
same time and didn't even know each other! He also lived near me!
There was also this husband and wife who lives in Las Vegas and flew
down to the open house. They took a picture of me and sent it to my
mom and it's now on Facebook! haha.
Btw, I deactivated my Facebook because I didn't want all of my friends
on there (sorry haha!)

We did our first Spanish video group! The usher did the intro for us
and we watched the video in Spanish and it was so cool. Afterwards we
watched the American Sign Language one and it's the coolest thing
ever!!! I want to learn sign language haha!

One time I asked Sister Nielson if we could go to the bathroom and she
ignored me so I said it again and she said "oh I thought you said
Aladdin!" I literally died laughing. Just kidding. I didn't die. But
it was hilarious 😂😂
Now when ever I need to use the restroom I say I need to Aladdin 😂

Also, we ran out of food in our apartment so one day for dinner we had
popcorn, granola bars, and mangoes ... And yesterday we got a wawa
sandwich haha. I'm glad it's our pday today!
I am currently sitting on the couch that is in the living room with
pants on! Greatest thing ever.
Also, I tried making my first runny yoke egg the other day. It didn't
turn out runny... I tried it again this morning twice and the first
one came out runny but the second one didn't. :(

Love you all!!
Sister Gronning