Monday, July 18, 2016

Trio of the New Castle Ward!

Hi family and friends!

Alright, where to begin! Get ready for another crazy week haha. There
is going to be more of those! 😂

Monday, we thought we would get our assigned companions back.. Sister
Randell called us and told us that me and Sister Lythgoe will be
together for a few more days.. Okay dokey!
So, Sister Roberts and Sister Abbott did my laundry I had there at my
apartment for me and we did the laundry we had here (the new castle
apartment has a washer and dryer!) got the car washed, emailed. I
don't remember what else happened.. haha.

Tuesday we actually did some missionary work! 😂 it was a good day! We
had a lesson with a mother and daughter and talked about their
beliefs. Went over the restoration. They accepted baptism! The mom
mentioned she was already baptized into another religion..
Their fridge wasn't working so they had two coolers with stuff inside
so we went with the member that took us, to wawa and got some ice for
them and she bought wawa for us!
We visited a lot of less actives and got into some houses and talked with them.
We ate dinner at the Givens. They fed us pizza and cookies. Then
afterwards we had a lesson with them. We read 2 Nephi 31 with them. We
committed them to make their own commitment. We also told them that
elders will be coming into the ward when we leave and Brother Given
said no.. awkward.

Wednesday the new castle sisters STLs (Sister Blake and Sister
Schettler) met us somewhere to go on exchanges. I went with Sister
Blake to Vineland, NJ! It was so fun to be with Sister Blake again! We
stopped by some people. Not a lot of people were home. We did have a
lesson with this cute family with like 7 kids. We had to simplify the
restoration haha. I've never really taught little kids before so it
was really interesting. We had dinner at a lady's house and she fed us
fish! 😊 Sister Schettler and Sister Lythgoe went to pick up Sister
Abbott and Sister Roberts went with the West Chester Sisters.
Oh and also, the assistants to the president called and told me that
my area book is going to be switched to the new castle ward and the
zone leaders will be taking over the Newark 3rd ward.
And then after that the zone leaders called and said "hi Sister
Gronning, we are sure you know what is going on with sister Roberts."
I said "no, actually I don't, I'm kinda out of the loop" and they said
"oh, well, sister Roberts is most likely going home on Friday" what..
After wards when we hung up, I cried.

Thursday morning I came back to New Castle, DE. We had district
meeting in the Newark district. Fun.. haha. Everyone asked about
Sister Roberts. Afterwards we drove to the Wilmington church building
for interviews with president! He was running out of time so he met
with the three of us and then had to reschedule with the bay view
sisters. He gave me permission to call Sister Randell and say goodbye
to Sister Roberts 😞 she told me she was leaving that day. She was
going to meet her dad at the airport and them fly home with him. None
of the doctors knew what was going on. Hopefully the doctors in
Arizona can help her so she can come back out! We went to my apartment
and packed up my clothes and everything. Man, I have a lot of stuff 😂
Sister Roberts left a bunch of stuff too so we put everything in big
black garbage bags and took it to Sister Owens. She was sad that
Sister Roberts was going home but she knew it was best for her to go
home and get the treatment that she needed. We ate dinner at the

Friday we went to my apartment and cleaned out everything. We had so
much food it was ridiculous. We gave most of it to the zone leaders.
We had to exchange cars because the new castle car is tight on miles
and the Newark car hasn't been used in like a week so we grabbed the
newark car and so we had two cars here in the new castle apartment
parking lot haha. We ate dinner with bishop and his wife.

Saturday we contacted a referral. We gave him a bible and a Book of
Mormon. He said he was going back to Liberia in two weeks. But he said
he will read both books. We also gave him a temple invite. Ate dinner
at the palmers. Really good homemade pizza things and brownies!
Had an awesome lesson with Brother Early. He is going to try the stop
smoking program that the missionaries teach. We are going to start it
with him tonight! I've never done this yet on my mission!

Sunday, church in the new castle ward again. People in Newark 3rd were
confused. They announced that the sisters were gone so they thought
that we went up to Philly for the temple already haha. We helped teach
the relief society lesson on bringing less actives back to church.
Brother Early sadly didn't come to church! We had the Newark 1st
elders come to our sacrament and meet people, they actually came to
all 3 hours!
During the 2nd hour we saw the assistants at the relief society door
and they were talking us to come her so we went out and they told us
they needed to take one of our cars up to Broomall right now. We were
like um what. We grabbed the other elders and walked to the cars
together and it was funny because there was so many missionaries haha.
We had a bunch of food from the new castle apartment we were giving to
the Newark 1st elders so we had to get that out of our car and
everything! Crazy. We had to get a member to take us home. So now we
have one car. And there is no way we can fit all of our suitcases into
one car so we have a member helping us take all of our luggage to PA
haha. Also, it was one of the zone leaders birthday on Sunday and we
gave him and his companion Martinelli drinks and he was so excited
We visited a family with sister lameoreaux and then had dinner with
the eshelwecks.

Tomorrow we go to Broomall, PA and we find out where we are going!!

So one day at dinner I mentioned that I am always thirsty and the
member said "you are a desert rat that's why!" 😂  I thought it was
pretty funny.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to my brother!!!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!! Mine is going to be crazy once again hahaha
Love, Sister Gronning