Monday, July 11, 2016

Hosptial. Companions. What?

Hi family and friends!
Crazy week once again.. Get ready for another REALLY long one.

So, Monday night Sister Roberts wasn't feeling well enough to go to
dinner and fireworks so Sister Owens and her dropped me off at the
Romish-Mui fam. I ate dinner with them and some other people they
invited. (It was weird not being with my companion ...) during dinner
it was pouring rain and so they were trying to find out if the
fireworks were still happening and they found online that some of them
were cancelled but the one that we were planning on going to was still
going to happen. So we went to Hokison and pulled up into a parking
lot and got inside the back of their car with the mom and their
daughter and sat and watched fireworks in the rain! Then afterwards we
went to this place called Woodside farms and got ice cream. I got two
containers and brought them to our apartment for Sister Roberts and I.

Tuesday came around and we got up and exercised (I don't remember if
sister Roberts did her exercise or not..) had our studies and then
went outside and walked to the leasing office and talked to the lady
at the desk about our apartment and what to do about some things. She
was super funny and nice. She started talking about marriage and
giving us dating and marriage advice ... Awkward. Before we went there
though we saw a lady sitting on a bench and we went and talked to her
and her name was Natalie and I realized I had met her before at the
pats pizza parking lot. She was telling us about her health problems
and stuff. Said a prayer with her. After we talked to the lady at the
leasing office, we went to visit Sister Brotman and talked to her for
forever (she loves to talk) then after tried to visit a potential. We
got back to our car and headed home. Sister Roberts wasn't feeling
well. She layed down and her eyes started to shake and roll back into
her heard again like before. "Oh great" I thought to myself. I called
Sister Owens and told her and she came to our apartment (which is not
allowed..) she came with her granddaughter Ashley. We sat on the floor
and watched Sister Roberts. Sister Owens took her blood sugar or
something and I guess it was low (it ended up being perfectly fine..)
I called the mission medical doctor. Dr Martinez. I told him what was
going on and he told me to take her to a urgent care... So, we did. It
ended up being a different one than the one we went to last time. She
got in and layed down and her eyes started doing it again. The nurses
saw and they said they were going to call 911 and get her to a
hospital because they thought she was having seizures. So, the
ambulance came, I rode with Sister Owens and Ashley. Got to the
emergency room. They took her to the hallway and there we were,
sitting in the hallway for hours and hours waiting for the nurses or
doctor or whatever to take her into a room. Exactly one week after we
took her to the hospital last week.. Sister Roberts was hating it. She
said something like "hate is not in my vocabulary, I don't believe in
the word hate, but I hate this place" it was pretty funny. But
seriously, they were so slow. It was the day after a holiday so they
were super busy. They need more doctors in there or something. Geez.
Tuesday night we finally got into a room. And I honestly don't even
remember what happened after that.. But the zone leaders showed up and
literally stayed at the hospital till like 2:45 in the morning. Not
even kidding. They were so tired and out of it and it was cracking me
up. They were saying the most randomest funniest things. Sister Owens
stayed there all night too! Bless her heart! We did end up going into
another room and I stayed the night in the hospital with Sister
Roberts and so I put two chairs together and sat on one and then put
my feet up on the other one and they gave me a pillow and blanket. Not
the most comfiest thing ever haha. I didn't sleep that well that

Wednesday morning came and they scheduled an eeg or something at 9:15
but of course they didn't take her in to do that till like almost 11.
They put some sticky stuff and wire thingys on her head and was
looking at her brain. I don't even know. They didn't even catch her
having a seizure thing because the lady kept telling her to open her
eyes and close them and what not. Eventually our STL's got a member to
drive them over to the hospital. Sister Ashcraft stayed there with
Sister Roberts (they have a trio so Sister Van-Arsdale and Sister
Nielson stayed together) and then I went to Sister Owens house to get
some rest because I needed it! Haha. On our way to their house we went
to our apartment and I got clothes and some things for Sister Roberts
and then we stopped at pats pizza and got pizza and we ordered one
with bacon on it and one with pepperoni and oh my goodness, it was soo
good. Seriously. I love bacon. We got to the house and I fell asleep.
Then Sister Randall called and told me that the new castle sisters
were going to pick me up and take me to their apartment so I can get
some rest there. So I am like, alright, whatever haha. They pick me up
(Sister Lythgoe and Sister Abbott) stayed the night at their

Thursday we had to go to zone training. Guess who was there?!? SISTER
BLAKE!! my mission mom!!!! I was so excited to see her!! She asked how
I was doing and I started crying! The elders were looking at me like
what the heck haha. They were shaking my hand and I was just wiping
tears off of my face. No big deal. Haha. Zone training was great. The
sisters had to recite the temple talking points in front of the whole
zone! The elders were pointing out some things we did well and things
we needed to improve on. We were switching off with each point with
our companions and so since my companion wasn't with me, Sister Blake
was my companion and we did it the first time and this one elder gave
us a 10 and said we did a great job haha. We each did it twice. I
kinda messed up on the 2nd try haha. It was so awkward. The elders
were trying to change the wording and were like no, you can't do that
After the meeting, Sister Blake wanted to eat lunch with all of us so,
me, Sister Lythgoe, Sister Abbott, Sister Blake, Sister Schettler,
Sister Rash, and Sister Burrell went to go eat and we decided to go to
chick fil a. The elders said they were going to chick fil a as well.
We went and we were looking for the elders car and didn't see them and
so we were like oh good they must have went to a different one! (The
elders and sisters aren't allowed to eat out with each other) we
ordered our food and ate and we were sitting and talking and Sister
Lythgoe was facing the door and her jaw drops and she says "oh my
gosh. Don't turn around!" So of course I looked behind me and guess
who it was?! THE ELDERS!!! we started laughing so hard and we were
freaking out!! hahahaha. It was the funniest thing ever. They didn't
even do anything haha. We left and one of the workers said to us "I
asked the boys why they are sitting over here and the girls are
sitting over there and they just shrugged their shoulders and said
they don't know!" What?! okay elders .... haha.
We had a lesson with one of the new castles less active members and
she thought the word of wisdom was an exception for her because of her
health problems..... alrighty then..
Thursday night Sister Abbott switched Sister Ashcraft at the hospital
so now it was me, Sister Lythgoe, and Sister Ashcraft as a trio!

night they put the eeg on her head again to monitor it for 24 hours (I
actually don't remember what night that was...) they caught like 15
seizure things. The machine didn't recognize them as seizures
though... They don't even know what it is or what is causing them. At
first they said stress and anxiety. But since they didn't come back as
seizures they didn't give her any medication. We left without any
answers.. Again, we hate the hospital and never want to come back!
While she was still in the hospital, a member from our ward called
them and told them she needs help and told them pretty much everything
that is going on in her life right now. She is bipolar. They called us
and the three of us went to her apartment and she was moving out so we
put everything in boxes for her. (The elders told us about her at zone
training because they ran into her when they had to go to our
apartment and get our phone charger) the elders called and the member
wanted to talk to them and she ripped on them about telling us when
they promised her they wouldn't tell anyone. We grabbed the phone from
her and told her we were going to leave. She then started to yell at
us as well. It was crazy. It was really sad to hear her talking to the
elders like that.
Sister Abbott stayed with Sister Roberts in Newark and I went with
Sister Lythgoe to new castle. We visited some people. Found out that
someone they thought was baptized, is not haha. New investigator!

Saturday we did some stop bys with potentials and less actives. We met
some nice people on the streets. Had some lessons with some less
actives. We had dinner with this family from the Philippines and the
mom was cracking me up. She gave us these mangos and me and Sister
Lythgoe didn't know how to cut them so Sister Martinez starts laughing
so hard and grabs the mango and knife from me and starts cutting it.
She thought everything was funny and her laugh was cracking me and
Sister Lythgoe up. My mouth was hurting! After we shared a message
with them, Sister Martinez looks very close to my name tag and says
"Sister Gronning, I love you" it was so cute. She has a very strong
The District Leader called, Elder Wilde. And he was like "Sister
Gronning, where are you from?" I said "Nevada" and he said "oh, Nevada
like as in Colorado?" I was like "um no.." And then he said "oh wait,
Nevada as in Reno and Las Vegas" it was so funny.
Sunday I went to the new castle ward with Sister Lythgoe and everyone
thought I was new in the ward and I was just like "no, I am actually
serving in the Newark 3rd ward. I'm just with her for the weekend"
people were very confused haha. Sister Lythgoe gave a talk (Sister
Abbott was supposed to talk ..) and we taught young woman's. I just
winged it. It was fun though haha.
That night we went with a member to visit a less active member in the
ward and then we visited another less active again.
Now it is Monday and I am still with Sister Lythgoe in New Castle!
I hope everyone gets a free slurpee today from 7-11! I want one... haha

Let's hope this week there will be no more hospital visits! And
hopefully I can get my companion back!

Oh and also, we are leaving July 19th to go to the temple! Tours start
the 22nd! Ahh.