Monday, July 25, 2016

Newark, New Castle, now West Chester, PA!

Hello family and friends!!
Amazing week this week!!

On Monday there was this huge storm that took out all of the traffic
lights and even the power of some stores/resteraunts. Our power kept
going on and off! And Monday night we were just chillin in our
apartment and the power went out for like an hour and a half and it
was so dark!!

Tuesday was mid transfer day! Cleaned the apartment, packed. We went
to Broomall, where the mission office is and I found out I was going
to West Chester, PA with Sister Van Arsdale! Also Sister Ashcraft and
Sister Nielson are also in the same apartment. Sister Van Arsdale and
Ashcraft were my sister training leaders and Sister Nielson is their
golden! And we share a ward with the elders haha. Lots of missionaries
in one ward! Afterwards we got wawa I think. We went to our
apartment/house (we live in somebody's basement) I unpacked. Me and
Sister Van Arsdale ate dinner at a members house. We got one more bed
in our room from the service elders!

Wednesday we went to philly!! The temple is beautiful! We had training
for the temple open house! We practiced the talking points a ton! (I
am a professional now jk) I am a part of the afternoon shift. It is so
fun to see all of the sisters!!
We also don't ever have to go to district meetings or zone trainings
for the whole time we are doing to the temple open house which is
kinda sad. I found out that one of my zone leaders is my mission dad!
(Elder Jolley, first district leader) oh I also get to see one of my
mission moms everyday!! (Sister Blake, trainer)

Thursday was another day of training and practicing! Afterwards we did
a lot of tracting and stop bys and invited a bunch of people to the
temple open house. People in West Chester, PA are so much nicer than
in Newark, Delaware! Haha. I do got to say though, I am not a huge fan
of humidity.. Yuck. You get so hot and wet. We met a lady who we
thought was less active but she's not. She was super nice. Her husband
is not a member but we didn't get to meet him because he was putting
the kids to bed.

Friday after studies we went to visit a referral from the elders in
downing town to offer service but she wasn'tinterested in all.. We
invited more people to the temple. I think it was Friday when we met
this Chinese guy who was super interested and wanted to check out our
church but said he couldn't come this Sunday but he will come next
Sunday! He told us we can email him and set up a time to meet with
him! We met a lot of people that were interested! Friday the
neighborhood tours started! Me and Sister Van Arsdale got put in the
plaza area (front of the temple) we didn't really know what we were
doing at first haha. We did get rotated into the reception area where
the people who just had a tour come in and we answer questions for
them and stuff. Then we went outside again and we got pass along cards
and we were handing them out to people walking by. So many awesome
people! Either Friday or Saturday we invited this guy on the street
and he was like no thanks and then he walked away and one of the
ushers stopped him again and he actually turned around and went inside
the church to take a tour!! How awesome is that!! Friday night we got
to take a tour inside the temple!! It was absolutely breathtaking! I
cried! Not to brag but, this mission is the best mission ever haha.

Saturday was the construction workers tours and we invited some people
on the streets and they would just walk in and take a tour!! Being out
in the front of the temple was seriously the best! We saw so many
miracles from it. I saw some people from Newark volunteering! We have
a rule where we can't hug so that was hard, we just give  everyone
handshakes. We worked in the reception area and also the rooftop too.
We saw a girl that we invited on Friday bring her family to the
temple! Me feet and lower back were hurting so bad but it was so worth
it! haha.
So many people here have either visited Henderson or have family
living in Henderson. It is so crazy.

Sunday was the best ever. Missionaries got to bring their
investigators to the temple for a tour! I saw so many missionaries
that I knew from the past! Also their was more missions that got to
come as well. So, lots of missionaries! It was seriously the best. We
had some investigators from West Chester so we got to go on a tour
again! Me and Sister Van Arsdale got to be in the video room and we
did 6 groups! It was so much fun! We are pro's ;) we ate two cookies
for our dinner because we forgot to take our dinner break... haha.
Pictures are going to come soon!!
I'm running out of things to say .. Haha

I love you all!!