Monday, July 4, 2016

Drink Water!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

What a week!
So, Monday night Sister Roberts started to not feel very well. We were
in an apartment complex and had to sit down on the steps. She was
saying her head hurt really bad. Her eyes started shaking and rolling
back into her head. I called our mission nurse and she told me to take
her to the urgent care. So, my first time driving in like 4 months..
That was scary 😂 I was scaring Sister Roberts too lol. We made it to
the urgent care and they gave her some type of medicine and told me if
she got worse then take her to the hospital. That night I could not
Then Tuesday came. I did my exercise. Sister Roberts tried to
exercise. We had our studies. She laid down. Her chest started
hurting really bad. Her head was killing her. She started crying
really hard. I was so scared. I called Sister Owens and she came over
to our apartment. I called the zone leaders and they came over and
gave her a blessing and then Sister Owens told Elder Drake to call the
ambulance so he did. The ambulance arrived and I got to ride in the
front seat. Never thought I would have that experience on my mission..
We arrived to the hospital. The Elders called the APs and they arrived
with the new mission president and his wife. That was the first time
we met them. In the emergency room.. Awesome first impression... 😂
We were in the hospital for like 9 and a half hours! We arrived at
like around 1:00 and didn't leave until like 10:30pm. Cancelled our
dinner appointment. They were so slow. I stayed with sister Roberts
pretty much the whole time with either Sister Randall or Sister Owens.
I did go out into the waiting room and talked to the elders. The APs
brought me and Sister Owens some chick fil a. Sister Roberts had to
get blood work done and a cat scan. Everything came back normal. They
came to the conclusion that she had heat exhaustion!! DRINK WATER
The new mission president and his wife are awesome! I seriously love
them so much. They brought 3 of their 6 kids with them and they are so
cute. They left them at the house while they were at the hospital with
us. Sister Owens stayed at the hospital with us the whole time!!
The New Castle ward sisters showed up at the hospital and took us to
their apartment and we spent the night there with them.
Wednesday we stayed in our apartment all day and slept. Haha. We went
to Sister Owens house and we took her to get frozen yogurt.
Thursday we went to district meeting. Probably not the best idea haha.
Slept all day. Me and Sister Owens went to a lesson with Linda Harms
while Sister Roberts stayed at her house with her granddaughter,
Ashley. Then after that we stayed at the Owens house and had dinner
and then went home for the rest of the night.
Friday we had a little zone conference and met President and Sister
Randall's kids. Afterwards we went to the Owens house again all day.
Saturday I went with Sister Ennis to see a less active member who is
moving to Maryland. Slept all day at the Owens house haha.
Sunday, Randell came to church!!! We left during Sunday school because
sister Roberts wasn't feeling well. Slept all day that day too haha.
Me and sister Owens had an awesome lesson with Raymond!! I am so
excited for his baptism on July 17th!
Today we went to a multi ward 4th of July breakfast at our church. We
went to Walmart and got groceries. Got our car washed. Now eating at
Friendlys with Sister Owens. Tonight I am going to dinner at a members
house and then get to watch fireworks and eat ice cream!
Get ready for some pictures!
I hope everyone has a great 4th of July today!!!
Oh! So Sister Roberts and I are leaving this area to go closer to the
temple on July 19th!
Send letters or packages to - 721 Paxon Hollow Rd. Ste B. Broomall, PA 19008