Monday, April 11, 2016

Philly! Transfers! Car problems! Snow!!

Hi everyone :D
This week was super long.
Monday was Sister Blakes birthday and we went to philly! We saw the
temple!! It is so pretty. We ate Philly cheesesteaks! I got mine with
cheese wiz and no onions :)
Tuesday transfers happened! Funny story, so Sister Rash got double
into the Wilmington 1st ward which isn't far at all, and in our stake.
She got put into the Wilmington District, still in our zone. The zone
leaders called and told us some info about transfers and then said
"Sister Blake and Sister Gronning, you probably already heard but you
two are now in the Wilmington District" we were both like "wait what?!
We did not know that!" Crazy right?! So now on Thursdays for district
meetings, we go to a different building and in the same district as
Sister Rash still! So weird and crazy! I will miss my old district but
this one is good too. Really good district leader. He's new at being
the district leader and is doing a great job so far. Me and sister
Blake were saying how we feel like we got transferred but we lost a
companion. It kinda feels weird with two. It feels like something is
missing. But it's been fun too. Also on Tuesday I got to see Sister
Payne! :)
Wednesday we cleaned Sister Kautz new house again. Super deep
cleaning. I'm gonna be a clean freak when I get home (you are welcome
mom) ;)
That night we went over to Sister Owens for her birthday and ate
dinner and pie and a cookie cake :)
We had a lesson with Linda and she said she wanted to start going back
to her church... Somehow we will get her to ours... Lol.
Thursday was district meeting with the new district!
Had a lesson with Sister Limprun and Danielle. Showed them the talk
from President Monson and talked about faith and choices. They said
they would come to church on Sunday. (Sister Limprun went and so did
Danielle's husband, Matt. Danielle was not feeling well)
Had a lesson with Amanda and talked about her baptism and the Holy
Ghost. She said she has to move her date to May 14th. She couldn't
come to church on Sunday because she went out of town. We helped
another lady in our ward clean her house. She just had foot surgery
and can't get around very well. And then Thursday night we went to
missionary correlation meeting with the ward mission leader and the
elders. Oh, we got a new elder. Elder Mackay got transferred and we
got Elder Drake from Colorado.
Friday was weekly planning day! We had to take our car into the shop
again to get some scratches checked out (we don't know where they came
from) they gave us a discount and told us to bring it back on the 19th
and it will be in the shop for like 3 days..
We had a good lesson with the Searls (less active members) talked
about General Conference and the temple. The wife has gone through but
the husband has not. They really want to be sealed in the temple. The
husband wants to do baptisms for the dead and learn more about the
temple. The husband came to church on Sunday but the wife did not.
Had a lesson with the Barones (Amanda and Michael, part member family.
Michael is less active) we took the Shortens with us and they really
bonded! They have a lot of the same interests. We talked about faith.
The husband wants to come back to church and baptize his wife! They
sadly couldn't come to church because they were going out of town.
Same for next Sunday :p
Saturday we helped the Kautz move. Taking boxes and everything out to
the truck. In the snow!! And then it was raining!! Yuck. We were all
Then we tried to contact some people and literally no one was home all
day. We think everyone was sleeping because of the crappy weather. We
did stop by and talked to Martha. And her son was there who got
baptized when he was little. Had a super awesome lesson with them.
Martha came to church on Sunday with her niece and granddaughter!! It
was awesome.
Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. Really good testimonies from
our ward members. Me and elder drake are giving talks in sacrament on
the 24th (I think) on missionary work. Fun stuff..
Sunday we tried to visit some less actives. We stopped by the Wheelins
and Sister Wheelin said she wants to start coming back to church! We
didn't even bring it up or anything! So awesome. She even said she
wanted to start having us over for dinner sometime!
We stopped by the Alas's which is a part member family. The husband is
not a member. The wife is and she is less active but wants to start
coming to church again too! She was so friendly and gave us snacks
haha. We ate dinner before that so we weren't hungry at all but she
insisted we took something lol. Awesome Sunday.
I hope everyone had a great week. I love you all!

John 14:26

Sister Gronning