Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey you coming to church Sunday?! I'm speaking!

Hi family and friends! 🙃
Monday was a normal pday. Emailed, laundry, grocery store (btw, we
don't even have a grocery store in our area so we have to get
permission to go lol), car washed.

Tuesday we put our car into the shop in the morning. We went on
exchanges with the sister training leaders. Sister Blake went to Dover
with Sister Jackson. I stayed here with Sister Beard. It was fun but
we had to walk. Luckily my mom sent me some awesome shoes from China!
One of the elders in my district said to me "Sister Gronning, how
comfortable are those shoes?" I said "they are so comfy! They are from
China!" 😂
We had a lesson with Linda Harms. We took a member with us and she
grove us. We taught the restoration. She got off topic a lot but we
did a good job tying it all back to the lesson. She said she will not
come to church because people there have offended her..

Wednesday we met with Tanya. Talked about the importance of sacrament,
praying, reading the Book of Mormon.
Went over to the Oliver's, less active members, and got to know them
better. They came to church on Sunday 🙂

Thursday was district meeting in the morning. It was so good. The
Spanish elders drove us.
We went over to Tanya's again. She is going through a lot right now so
we went over to comfort her.
We ate dinner at Applebee's with a member. I got Mac n cheese with
bacon and honey bbq chicken in it. So good.
That night we had MCM. Found out that one of our zone leaders was
going home for surgery and should be back in 6-9 weeks. He left Sunday
morning. Sad.

Friday we had a lesson with the Searls. Talked about baptisms for the
dead and the temple.
Ate dinner at the Hughes. We had baked potatoes with chili on it. I
actually enjoyed it lol.
We taught the restoration to Brooke. She had a lot of questions about
our church. Cute lady.
We got our car back on Friday!! Yay😃

Saturday we had a lesson with Linda Limprun and Danielle. Talked about
ponderizing scriptures. Met the Urrunaga's. A part member family and
less active. The wife said she has been talking about wanting to come
back to church.
We met a lady named Grace. Super sweet old lady. She is lonely but
says she is well taken care of and enjoys life. She said she has
nothing to complain about.
Ate dinner at Sister Mcniels.

Sunday was a great Sunday! We had a missionary sacrament meeting. I
spoke, Elder Drake  spoke, and our warm mission leader spoke. Elder
Hunt said the opening prayer and Sister Blake said the closing prayer.
We handed out missionary bookmarks before sacrament started. I read my
dads story about how he met my mom and then I read my moms conversion
story in her own words. I also read Lainys testimony. Afterwards
everyone came up to me and said it was an amazing talk and they loved
the stories ☺️
We went over and helped Ashley with her math homework.. I'm glad
Sister Blake knows how to do math because I hate math 😂
Had dinner with the Johnsons and had a lesson with a friend of theirs
who is not a member. It was awesome. She had a lot of questions. Some
I did not have the answers too 😬
She was super nice.

Today we are going to the mall! Going to finally look for some jeans
that fit me lol. We are taking Sister Shorten with us. I'm excited!
Tonight another member is going to fix some of our skirts and we are
going to make her dinner 😋

I hope everyone had a great week. It's almost my 3 month mark and my
birthday!! Yay 😃

Love you all!!!

Sister Gronning