Monday, April 18, 2016

Interviews! Miracles!

Hi family and friends!
Get ready for a long email!!
Monday we did laundry, went to the store, got our car washed, all
normal pday stuff. Then chilled in our apartment and I took a nap 😊
then we ate dinner at the Kindermans. Later that night we went to the
Bensons, a recent converts house, with some sisters in our ward. Sweet
lady. We shared a conference talk with her.
Tuesday Sister Limprun texted us and said Bea needed us to come over
and talk to her. She is going through a lot right now in her family.
Afterwards we tried to visit some people. We ate dinner at the
Shortens. Had a lesson with Linda Harms and she pretty much just
vented to us for like 30 min about drama her and her best friend are
going through. She's 60.....
Wednesday we did service at the food bank, helped put food in bags for
children. It was fun. We tried to contact people the whole day because
Tanya and Amora canceled our lesson. We ate dinner at our apartment.
We went out after that and got lost and ended up way out of our
area..... Oops. Sister Blake put in the wrong address lol. We find our
way back though eventually 😂 that night we stopped by Martha's and
talked to her about church and she said it was so calm and quiet lol.
She was also questioning why we don't teach out of the bible more.. We
explained that the lessons being taught at church do have bible
references but the teachers just teach differently then one another.
We stopped by the Oliver's, less active members. They have a son who
served in the Nevada Las Vegas mission and actually served in
Henderson! In 2004. They were super friendly.
Thursday was zone training! It was awesome! Talked about baptism and
preparing our investigators for the interview. Talked about finding
people, repentance, loving everyone. It was a really good training by
the Zone Leaders.
Thursday we saw a lot of miracles! We were stopping by this potential
investigator and they weren't home so we started walking away and as
we were walking out the door, this kid and his dad were walking
through the door and we stopped and talked to him about eternal
families and he said he is trying to get closer to his family. We gave
him a temple card and he seemed super interested in going to the open
house and bringing his family to church (sadly they did not come..)
We went to stop by a part member family and less active and we saw
this lady outside and we complimented her pants and she asked if we
were from the Mormon church and we said yes and asked how she knew us
and she said her grandmother or her mom used to take her when she was
a child then started going to the Catholic Church and she didn't know
why.. We talked about the temple. Sadly didn't come to church on
Sunday.. She was a super sweet lady! I love when God puts people in
our paths! We need to talk to everyone! We ended the night with
missionary correlation meeting.
Friday we did some weekly planning. We helped Bishop and his wife put
together bookmarks to pass out before or after sacrament next Sunday
for our missionary Sunday! I am speaking! Ahhh.
We had 3 lessons set up on Friday and all of a sudden they all
cancelled at the same time... Even our bible referral said she no
longer wanted a free bible.... Well, alrighty then.. We were bummed.
We just went out and tried to contact people. Figured out someone
doesn't live here anymore. Found a Spanish girl for the Spanish
elders. Stopped by Tanya and Amora. They are reading a little bit out
of the Book of Mormon! We made them a miracle calendar and if they get
40/50 points, we promised them they will receive huge blessings and
promised Amora we will bake her brownies 😊 they want to be baptized!
But sadly they slept through their alarm and didn't go to church. We
ate dinner at the Johns. They teach the byu pathway program and
institute classes.
Saturday we had interviews with president! My first real interview
with him and my last! We are getting a new president in June or July!
I forget.. President and Sister Anderson are so sweet. I told Pres
that some of the members are saying they've seen me change since I
first got here. They've all been saying that when I first got here, I
didn't talk at all and now I talk a lot! Haha! Pres was like "oh yes!
I've seen a huge difference in you!" 😂 we stopped by some less
actives and found out that some of them have moved. Ate dinner at
sister Owens with her, Michelle, and Ashley. Love that family.
Sunday sadly no investigators came to church .. But it was a good
Sunday though! Stopped by Tanya's after church and went over the
lesson we had in Sunday school which was on repentance. Went pretty
well. Might have to change her date to June.
I hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for the emails :)
Love you all!
Sister Gronning