Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference! 2 month mark! Transfers!

Hi everyone!!! ❤️
Monday was a chill day in our apartment of emailing and laundry and
sleeping :) we were running low on miles so we couldn't go to the
store. So we just stayed inside! We ate dinner with the cutest family,
they have a 3 year old girl and a 1 year old boy. They have the cutest
story on how they met. I love hearing stories about how people met :)
We taught Linda. She had met with the missionaries in the past and had
a bad experience with it or something? But we took a member with us
and we planned to teach the restoration but the member started
teaching the plan of salvation. So we were like alright! Haha.
Tuesday we had a good lesson with Joseph about the plan of salvation.
We invited him to be baptized on April 30th and he said he can't do
that because of his mom... He is 15 so he has to get written
permission from his mom. So pray that his mom will have a change of
heart and see the light in him! A lot of our set appointments keep
canceling so Tuesday was a hard stressful day. We all had to eat ice
cream lol. That night though we decided to go to this lady's house and
we talked to her a little bit. After that a less active member called
us and told us her daughter or sister or whatever she is, needs us to
come over and talk to her because she is going through a hard time
right now.
Wednesday we walked around and had some lessons with people. A lot of
people said they were interested in watching conference!
Thursday we had our last district meeting of the transfer! One of the
elders is going home and sister rash is getting transferred :( also
one of the elders in our ward is getting transferred too. Thursday we
pretty much just chilled in our apartment and poured out our feelings
to each other. Then had missionary correlation meeting with the ward
mission leader and bus assistant and the elders (ZL's). The ward
mission leader just got a new puppy! It is so cute! It's one of those
wrinkly dogs who get huge! Also his wife died her hair green! It's so
Friday we did service for Sister Kautz. Deep cleaned her new house.
Then did weekly planning the rest of the day!
Saturday we watched general conference at a members house. It was
awesome! Ate a ton. Took a lot of notes. Got questions answered. Some
of our investigators watched it too!
Sunday we watched the morning session at the church then the afternoon
session at another members house. I loved all the talks about temples
and families :)
Watch conference!!!!
I have been on my mish for 2 months! Crazy. It has gone fast.
Today is sister Blakes birthday and we are going to PHILLY!!!! I am so
excited!! Philly cheese steaks here we come!!! 😃😃
I hope everyone is doing great!! I love you all ☺️