Friday, September 2, 2016

Groaning or Gronning

You have no idea how many times people call me Sister Groaning. There
is no A in my name!!! I don't understand hahaha.

Anyways! hello family, friends, returned missionaries, current
missionaries, and future missionaries!

So on Saturday night we parked at the broad and noble parking lot and
the assistants came (in a trio.. What?) and another set of Sister
Training Leaders came to drive our cars to the temple parking garage.
Sister Nielson and I were waiting for our car in the parking garage
and they got out of the cars and Sister Nielson said that we can help
bring any more cars to the parking garage if they needed help and
Elder Weisler was staring at me so I shook my head and said "I am not
driving!" And he said "no you are not! You are not allowed to drive
ever again!" I said I am okay with that! I laughed so hard. It was the
funniest thing that happened that day! 😂

Sunday, Bensen and Parker Li got baptized! It was a great baptismal
service! After Bensen was baptized he smashed his face into the glass!
It was hilarious 😂 he is the 9 year old. Our ward mission leader and
his son gave the baptism talk and the Holy Ghost talk. They did a
great job. Speaking of baptisms, we found out that Matts baptism got
moved back to September 16 and they told us not to ask him about it
because it is personal 😟 pray for Matt! And also pray that Sister
Nielson will be here for that! They are having a sister transfer on
September 13th to move all the sisters back to the areas that don't
have sisters right now. And there's a regular transfer on the 20th.

This week at the temple, Sister Nielson and I have been in the
reception area and the rooftop, answering questions. A ton of people
keep asking me about divorce and what happens when our spouse dies.

Tuesday, I was talking to this couple who told me that the wife was a
member and the husband was not. The husband said to me "I am going to
take the missionary discussions and prepare to be baptized!" I said
that is awesome and asked what area they are from and they said they
are in the West Chester Ward and I said that is the ward I am serving
in right now!! How crazy is that!! Sister Van Arsdale and Sister
Kelsey called them and they said they want us to start teaching them
and the husband wants to be baptized!! We are all so excited.

You can always tell who is Mormon because they come up to you and said
"where are you from sister?" And I just say Las Vegas!
Now that school is in, some of the elders from the Philadelphia area
are volunteering. It's kinda weird to see them there haha. I found out
that one of the elders is from Nevada in a place I have never heard
of. It's in the middle of nowhere in the desert haha.
We have seen a lot of missionaries bring their investigators to the
tour! It's awesome.

Wednesday we helped someone in the ward move and it was so hot and
tiring. I am still sore from it haha! Wednesday night it starting
raining while we were on the rooftop. That was fun. Thursday morning
our power was out. The people we live with texted us and told us not
to shower and if we do, then take a quick one. We didn't see the text
until after we all showered.. Haha oops. The water wasn't draining
very well. We also couldn't flush the toilet...
Also on Thursday we went to Reading Terminal which has a bunch of food
places inside and we got Philly cheesesteaks!! I got bacon and cheese
whiz on mine of course 😊

Today I plan to sleep. I am currently laying on the couch in the
kitchen with my pajama bottoms on.

I hope everyone has a great week!!
Sister Gronning