Monday, September 19, 2016

Double in to Bayview Maryland!

Hello everyone!!
I am back in the Wilmington Zone/Stake!! SO excited!

Also, I've been sick with a cold and a cough so people probably just
think I sound like a man or something... Great. 😂 and my ears have
been clogged, so I don't even know what I sound like 😂

I already LOVE this area and the people here! I've seriously never
felt so welcomed and loved. This ward loves sister missionaries and
are so excited to have sisters back in the ward!

Monday consisted of me packing and sleeping. Went to philly pretzel
factory, and Rita's.. 😍

Tuesday all of the sisters had to go to Broomall for a sister training
on missionary work. Then after they told us who are companions are and
where we were going! My new companion is Sister Fuelling. She has been
out for almost 5 months. She is from Sandy, Utah. And we are doubling
in to Bayview South! At first I thought it was in Delaware and I was
freaking out but then realized it was in Maryland. Still exciting
haha. All of the sisters were like coming up to us and saying "do you
know the Fletchers?! They are in that ward!" They took me and Sister
Blake to transfers one time! I LOVE the Fletchers. They LOVE
missionaries to death and they are like the mission parents in the
ppm. They are the greatest. They have missionary tags on their fridge
of elders and sisters who served here. I'm totally doing that when I
am married. There is another couple here that does the same thing! But
it's all sisters.. They don't like elders 😂  we kicked the elders out
of their apartment and now they are in a different one somewhere. I
think they had like 3 hours to pack. We got a clean phone and the
elders got a clean area book. We have their whole area book with our
investigators and theirs. We have the south side and they have the
north. They left their eggs and milk here and they keep telling the
ward members that we stole them! What the heck haha. Oh also, our
apartment is on the 3rd floor... I definitely had the elders take my
suitcases up for me haha. They picked up the big suitcase and they
were like "dang, who's is this!?" And it was mine 😂 it was super
heavy haha. Sorry elders 😂 we unpacked. Met an investigator that the
elders were working with. And a less active family.

Wednesday we had a conference call. We went tracting and finding and I
got a little dehydrated and that didn't go very well. We walked longer
then we thought we were going and it was so hot and humid. Not a good
combo. And plus with being sick. Ya, bad idea. Went home and rested
until dinner at the Fletchers!!

Thursday we actually went to district meeting! I am in the first
district that I started in when I first got to the mission!!  We
talked about finding new investigators and being enthusiastic about
the work. Sister Fuelling and I did a training haha. We went to go
find and meet more people. Not a lot of people were home but we did
meet some super nice members! We made phone calls and then ate dinner
at the Fletchers house again! They love us haha.

Friday we weekly planned. It actually went faster then we thought. We
didn't really have anything to plan for.. haha. We met more members.
We ate dinner with Shotgun and Penny. They are members who are in the
Bayview ward but attend the Newark 1st ward because I guess the
Bayview building doesn't have benches in the chapel. They have hard
chairs. We haven't seen it yet. They are the ones that have sister
tags on their fridge. I have to order two magnet tags today! They gave
us a bunch of food to take home! And then we went to meet more

Saturday we ate breakfast with Sister Shepherd and her granddaughter
at the Waffle House! I got peanut butter waffles and bacon 😍 we did
more finding and tracting. Made phone calls. We had a lesson with one
of our investigators. We saw she had a baptism date set and we asked
her about it and she had no idea! Awkward! She was mad at the elders
😂 she to,d us they were there the night before to say bye. She
doesn't think baptism is necessary. We talked about baptism with her
and we took her date off. The elders said their whole lesson was on
baptism as well. We went to the cultural celebration broadcast at the
stake center. That was fun. I hope the youth had fun! They looked cute
haha. We saw President and Sister Anderson on the screen!

Sunday was awesome. We got to watch all three sessions of the temple
dedication! It was so amazing. I just love the temple so much!
President Eyring is here! And Elder D. Todd Christofferson. I saw a
lot of members from Newark 3rd that I love so much!! I am so blessed
to be serving here in the ppm at this time!!
Everyone needs to go to the temple!! Make it a priority in your life!!

This morning we had transfer calls. Crazy that they waited till today
to let us know because tomorrow is transfer day! Sister Fuelling and I
are obviously staying haha. 2 missionaries in our zone are leaving.

I'll attach photos :))
Address : 370 W Claiborne Rd. #301 North East, MD 21901