Monday, September 26, 2016

Frogs. Cats. Walking and Walking and Walking.

Hello my awesome family and friends!!
How is everyone?!?
This week flew by!!

My subject title pretty much sums everything up. At night here, there
are frogs/toads everywhere!! And they are scary!! Especially when they
jump straight towards you!!😂😮
And also, I don't know what it is about the east coast but there are
literally cats EVERYWHERE. Just wondering around like nobody's
business. We were at the library this morning and in the parking lot
we saw like 5 cats!! It's crazy.
And also we did tons of walking this week. Trying to find new
investigators. Didn't really work out..

Monday, I think I emailed and slept all day.. After pday we went to
the Brinkleys house. The dad is a member and the daughter is not. We
went with a member in the bishopric to see Brother Brinkley. He is
preparing to receive the priesthood! (The one that starts with a M..
Don't know how to spell it haha) we ate dinner at the Fletchers! And
we are eating there tonight as well!!

Tuesday morning we called a bunch of people. Nobody ever answers their
phones.. Stopped by some people's houses. Realized that our area book
needs some updating.. Lots of people have moved haha. We had a member
present lesson with one of our potential investigators named Glenn. He
talked forever about his life and his daughter. Didn't really teach a
lesson.. We had another lesson set up with someone we just met but he
wasn't there or just didn't answer the door.. A member in the ward
called us that evening and we went over there and she is currently
living in a motel. She talked to us about life (I told you before,
people in the east coast like to talk and tell you their whole life
story..) she has been working on her personal progress so we talked
about one of the experiences in there about the sacrament.

Wednesday we went over to a members house. We ended up doing some
service for her. We drove for an hour to a doctors appointment which
was in Sister Fuellings old area. We didn't know how many miles we
had. We do now, and we are definitely over.. We tried to have a
Facebook lesson with Destiny Cain (recent convert) but she didn't
I think it was Wednesday but I don't remember, we were walking around
the neighborhoods by our apartment and we were knocking on doors, no
luck. We knocked on this one door and Sister Fuelling wanted me to
start the door approach. A guy answered the door, holding his little
boy in his arms. I said "hi, we are missionaries from The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are going around sharing a
message about Jesus Christ and about how our families can be together
forever. Can we share a message with you and your family?" He said
yes! He said his wife was at work but is off on Mondays and we set up
a return appointment for tonight at 6!! So exciting.

Thursday we had district meeting. It was one of the elders birthday
and we had cupcakes afterwards :) we stopped by this one less active
family and a lady answered and said something about how people from
the church keep stopping by like every week and that we need to stop..
Okay then. See ya!😂 we noticed a potential investigator in our area
book who was a referral who requested a bible so we stopped by before
to see if she received it and if she wanted a Book of Mormon and I
think she said she lost it and would like another one so she told us
Thursday would be good. We texted her we were on our way and we pulled
up to her house and she texted us saying she was not home! Ugg. We had
our first Facebook lesson with Destiny that evening! That was
interesting haha. It turned out well though.

Friday we drove an hour again to a doctors appointment. We had weekly
planning. Our new Sister Training Leaders, Sister Hyte and Sister
Cheret skyped us and we scheduled exchanges for the 15th of October.
We met the Regusters in the ward. Super nice. Ate dinner with Shotgun
and Penny Boyer. They gave us so many desserts!!! I don't remember
what we did Friday night..

Saturday was our walking day. I hate walking.. 😂 and no body was
interested in us sharing a message with them.. They all say "we have
our own church. Not interested" and then shut the door. We figured out
that one address was a post office and one address was a restaurant..
We had a lesson with Mary Brinkley. We had Sister Nair come with us
(young women president). We talked more about baptism and the Holy
Ghost. We invited her to be baptized on October 23rd. We went to the
women's broadcast at the stake center. Saw so many Newark 3rd people
who I love dearly!! We had dinner, which was Hawaiian hay stacks, a
service project of tying quilts, and then watched the broad cast. If
you haven't wanted it yet, WATCH IT. *Last door, 4th floor*

Sunday was church!! We had ward council at 8:15 and church at 10:00.
Finally got to meet more members! They are all so nice! Afterwards the
missionaries got invited to attend a meeting about a Halloween party
coming up in October. It was long and complicated 😂
We went to this street and found one of our investigators, crystal,
she said her husband and her are studying the bible and will let us
know if she is interested in learning more about our beliefs. Also
stopped by a members house. We were there for a long time talking and
getting to know them. They are awesome. Later that night, the district
leader (he's serving in our ward as well) called and we told him about
crystal and it turns out that she is in their area... Oops!! 😳😂

General Conference is next weekend!! I am so excited!! Everyone
watch/listen to it!!

PACKAGES- 11 Clearview Ave. North East, MD 21901
LETTERS- 370 W Claiborne Rd. #301 North East, MD 21901

Love you all!!!
Sister Gronning