Monday, March 27, 2017

"Our district is broken" Elder Cortes

Hello everyone! This week a few more missionaries in our district got
sick so our District Leader said our district is broken. It was sad.
I'm pretty sure everyone is doing well now!

Monday we ate dinner at the Petersons. Brother Peterson used to be the
Stake President and now he is going to be the mission President in
Dallas Texas!! They are so cool!
We had a lesson with Sister Morales and showed her the sabbath is a
delight video.

Tuesday we had a meeting with our relief society president (Sister
Johnson) and talked about some less actives to try and visit.
We were visiting a member and as we were talking with her, Sister
Robinson went super white and fell to the ground and as she hit the
floor, she woke up and said "what happened?" She passed out!! It was
scary! It was a blessing that we were inside a members house and not
out walking around! We called Sister Randall and the member called
Sister Johnson and 2 priesthood holders came and gave her a blessing.
On our way home we grabbed chik fil a and stayed in for the rest of
the night. We texted our District Leader and he called us back and
said "ARE YOU OKAY?!" It was actually pretty funny. She is doing okay
now! And we have no idea why she passed out!
Oh and Bishop Vest and his wife brought us food!!

Wednesday we did weekly planning. We had a lesson with Mike. He
stopped drinking coffee!! He is so excited for his baptism on the
We visited less actives and every house we went to, someone answered
the door!! It was amazing!!
We had a lesson with one of the recent converts, named Elizabeth, she
is 9. We taught her the Ten Commandments using hand signals.
We had dinner with the Polsons.
We visited Sister Collier in the nursing home thing and we met Georgia
and she had a lot of questions about our church.

Thursday was Zone Conference!! I got to see two of my Salisbury
sisters!! The focus of the meeting was faith in Jesus Christ. We also
talked about diligence, and area book planning. We were able to see
the new Easter video #princeofpeace !! It is amazing and I'm so
excited for it to come out on Friday!
We did some stop bys after.
We ate dinner at the Hartline's.

Friday we had Zone Training and that was so good as well! The Zone
Leaders had mostly all of the missionaries in our Zone give a training
or a talk. I gave a talk on diligence. Some missionaries wrote stuff
down so I must have said something good.. haha. The Petersons took us
and they took us to the Cheesecake Factory afterwards!! AMAZINGG. They
asked us questions about the mission and we asked them some questions.
I'm so excited for them. They leave in 3 months for the mtc!
Afterwards we went home and stayed home until dinner.
We ate dinner at the Becksteads.
We had a lesson with JoAnn and she excited a baptism date!! April 29th!!

Saturday we helped a member move stuff out of a storage unit because
she is moving to Washington.
We stopped by some people.
We were going to stop by a former and we saw a kid outside of the door
and we were pretty sure we saw a gun so we called our District Leader
and he said if we feel like we should call the police than do it. So,
we called the police. And guess what? 3 cop cars pulled up!! It was so
embarrassing. And it wasn't even anything. Probably a toy gun.

Sunday we went to church. Sister Young said the prayer a lot. It was
her last Sunday.
We ate dinner at the Benfields.
We had a lesson with Georgia again and Sister Collier pretty much took
over the lesson and taught her haha. She is a new investigator :) we
are going over there again on Wednesday.

Guess where we are going today?!?! BOWLING!!! I am so excited!! Haha

I love you all!
Sister Gronning