Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And then I came tumbling down! And my companion came with me!

Hello everyone! My pday got switched to today because we are going to the temple!! Yay :)

Monday, Sister Stubben and I packed and I don't even remember what else hahaha.

Tuesday we headed to Philly! I am serving in Souderton, PA with Sister Young and Sister Robinson! Sister Young had been out for 4 months and Sister Robinson has been out for 5 months. I've been out for 13 months. I'm ancient. Sister Young is a priesthood restoration site sister and she will be going back to the site on march 31st. This ward is awesome and this area is so pretty! Huge houses!! We live in Hatfield. I will put my address at the bottom! Oh and something cool, Elder Drake, who was my zone leader for like ever in the Wilmington zone is now serving in Salisbury South with his golden :)
We did some finding/tracting.
We ate dinner with the Hulse's.
Came home and did our studies.

Wednesday we were going to have a lesson with our investigator who has a date but he forgot and was at work. We did some more finding and tracting. We found a lady named Diana. She was busy at the moment but she told us we could come back any day around 11.
We had dinner with the Sister Collier.
We went to the mutual activity for the young men and young women and they were watching one of the District episodes and we talked about missionary work. It was fun. There are a lot of youth in this ward.

Thursday we had Conference call and weekly planning. We had a lesson with Linda. At first she had us to to McDonald's and get her a junior Big Mac lol. She talks forever and is super funny and crazy. We shared Mosiah 16:8-9 with her.
We delivered a bible and Book of Mormon to a referral. She was so sweet and cute!
We were having dinner with a recent convert and her son is not a member. She didn't start cooking till we got there so we didn't eat till like an hour and 15 min after we got there. So we asked her son, Thomas, if we could "practice" teaching him the restoration. It went pretty well. He asked us a lot of questions. He always comes to church and he wants to serve a mission. Not sure he actually knows what a mission is or means lol. But that is great!
We had a ward relief society activity. We went on splits with sisters in the ward and visited some people and invited them to the stake women's conference. I went with the relief society President and we didn't get to see anyone.

Friday we did service at the Mitzvah circle foundation and it was so fun. We got to shop for families that are struggling and I got to pick out some baby boy clothes!!! I loved it haha.
After that we had our studies.
We were out in a little blizzard and I was going down some stairs and only made it to the second step and I slipped down and I was trying to catch my self and grab on the railing. Sister Young tried to help me and she slipped too on top of me!! We eventually stopped and I sat there for a little bit and then got up and started crying. Sister Young was laughing. It scared me more than it hurt me. And then I started walking and realized that my butt was going numb and my fingers. I am fine, just bruised. I laughed about it later and am still laughing 😂
We had a lesson with Gladys and read 2 Nephi 31:19. 
We ate at a Chinese place with the Schoendorfer's.

Saturday we did a lot of finding and tracting. We found some new people. 
We had a long dinner with the Bussom's.

Sunday we had correlation and breakfast with our ward mission leader and his family! I love them!! They have a really cute 6 month boy named Neil!
Church was awesome. I like this ward a lot!
We had a lesson with JoAnn.

Monday we had a lesson with Brother Meehan and Brother Nyce.
Ate dinner with the Jones.
Tuesday we had a huge snow storm and our cars were grounded so we were stuck inside all day!
This morning we had to get our car unstuck! We pushed and pushed! Two men came out and helped!

I hope everyone has a great day!
My new address is 199 West Vine St. Apt 22. Hatfield, PA 19440

Pictures will be coming!

Sister Gronning