Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The time I lost my voice 😢🀐😷🀧

Well, hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday
morning! I think it's like 6am or 7am for most of you!  You are all
probably sleeping!

This week our pday changed because we had a mini missionary with us
this weekend!!

Monday the 13th we did some finding in the evening and then I had a
really bad earache and we bought ear drops and Sister Stubben put them
in my ear and it burned so bad that I started crying!! We ended up not
going to the Book of Mormon class and went home.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day! We had District Meeting and our Sister
Training Leaders were there (Sister Fuelling and Sister Tovar) and we
had a potluck afterwards! Sadly we did not take any pictures :( after
DM we went on exchanges. I stayed in Salisbury South with Sister
Garner and Sister Fuelling. We had a lesson set up with Michaels mom
who is not a member but she was not home. She speaks only Spanish.. we
went over to the Laytons and showed them a video called "the sabbath
is a delight" and they really liked it. We had Sister Swanson with us.
We went back to the apartment and did accountability. It was nice
talking to Sister Fuelling again and hearing about Bayview!
We were going to heart attack one of our investigators but when we
pulled up she was sitting right by the window! We were like nope not
doing this! πŸ˜‚
We had a lesson with this guy we met and we went to the address he
said he lived and he doesn't live there πŸ˜‚ so we went to the church
and helped set up for the Valentine's relief society dinner.
We had a lesson with Claire that night and taught her the word of wisdom.

Wednesday, I woke up and I had no voice!! Which is awful when you are
a missionary and you need to talk to people!! That morning we were
going to have a lesson with one of our investigators but she had to
cancel. We exchanged back to our companions at about 12:30. We visited
Sister Bray with Sister Cole.
We had a lesson with Michael. Still trying to get him to come to church.
We had dinner with Sister White at KFC/Taco bell.
Had correlation that night.
Also, my nephew was born on Wednesday!!! And I have to say, he is the
cutest baby I've ever seen! Sister Stubben wants to steal him but I
won't let her!!

Thursday I took a sick day and slept all day (Sister Bills, the
mission nurse, told me to do that!) we went out at 6. We visited the
Laytons with Sister Liggett. We talked about being a peacemaker with
We had a lesson with Claire and talked about the baptism interview
questions. She is the cutest thing ever. We talked about modesty for
the law of Chastity lol.

Friday, we had a lesson with Sister Kelley and talked about the
families and temples pamphlet. We had a lesson with Sister Hall. We
talked about her conversion story.
We had a lesson with the Hammonds about keeping the sabbath day holy.
We went to the church for Claire's interview with our District Leader!
Elder Fifita loved her haha.
We had a long lesson with Janice and Elvis. Elvis is crazy. I don't
even know what to say about that lesson πŸ˜‚
We had a lesson with the Bowens. Funny story! I was craving pizza all
day and we get there and they had just ordered pizza and as we were
sitting there, Sister Bowens grandson asked if we are staying for
dinner and Sister Bowen said that it was okay and I got pizza!!!
Our mini missionary came that night! Her name was Sister Smith and she
was so cute and fun!

Saturday was Claire's baptism!!
We had some lessons cancel throughout the day but we also had some good ones.
We actually had a lesson with Roberto who speaks Spanish and Sister
Santiago helped translate haha.
We had a lesson with Sister Kahler. We talked about faith and her past beliefs.
We met this guy named Chris and he is very interesting haha. We had a
long conversation with him.
We had dinner with the Castellanos.
We showed them the drill app and duolingo to help them learn English!
We met Marlene at saintamenes house and she speaks Creole so we used
the drill app and google translate to communicate.
We went to the Laytons again and talked about hope. Eddie was actually
in the kitchen the whole time, listening!

Sunday we had church and we had a ysa lunch afterwards.
We had a lesson with Megan and our mini missionary taught her the
whole restoration! It was awesome.
We met Ketarra and Keirra Clark and shared a verse in the Book of
Mormon with them. They to,d us their step dad and grandpa used to read
from the Book of Mormon all the time!
We ate dinner with Brother Kim, Minwoo, and his brother. At first
there was no women there and it was super awkward and then Brother Kim
invited the Sollars so we could stay haha.
Lessons cancelled.
We had a lesson with Sister Hallyburton. We talked about faith.

Monday we had a lesson with Everaldo and it was kinda all over the place haha.
We had a lesson with Edwin. We talked about praying out loud and we
showed him the mountains to climb video.
We had a lesson with Sister Santiago and talked about praying and church.
We had an awesome visit with the Franco's! Their whole family was
home! Dad is a less active member, mom is not a member, and they have
two girls- 3 and 1. We talked about the temple and we talked about
Some lessons cancelled.
Ate dinner at the Sollars. Hawaiian haystacks.
Went to the Book of Mormon class and it was all of us missionaries and Minwoo πŸ˜‚
Our mini missionaries got picked up Monday night :(

Tuesday we had District Meeting.
We found 5 new investigators that day!!
3 were the petersons and they were former investigators that we
stopped by and had a little lesson with. The 7 year old said that he
has to wait till June to get baptized!
We had a lesson with Sister Kahler and we watched Mountains to climb
and talked about a bunch of things.
Had a lesson with Michael. Started off by teaching the restoration and
then it went all over the place but still good haha.
2 new investigators were shaunna and her son makai. Talked about our
church and they are interested!
Ate dinner at Moes. It is now Sister Stubbens favorite place!
Had a lesson with Claire about service and teaching and learning and
missionary work.

It has been a long week and I hope this cold sickness thing goes away!
This email seemed really long and I didn't even put a lot of detailed
stuff in it lol.

I hope you all have a great day! Love you all!

Sister Gronning