Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday Miracle!

Hello everyone!

Wednesday night, we had a lesson scheduled with an investigator named
Emma but when we knocked, her boyfriend answered the door and said it
was not a good time. We had to drop her because we can't get in
contact with her.
We had a little exchange with our Sister Training Leaders from
Wednesday night to Thursday afternoon. Sister Stubben and I stayed
together and Sister Fuelling came with us 😊
We had correlation that night with our ward mission leader.

Thursday we did weekly planning at the church and then Sister Fuelling
and Sister Tovar left πŸ˜•
We went to have a lesson with Everaldo but the people at his house
said he was not home and we called him and he said he was sleeping! He
said Friday would be better.
We went to Berlin and did some finding.
Ate dinner at the Bellante's.
We found Harry Wise. He was a Bible referral. We talked about the Book
of Mormon and we said we would give him one when he comes to church on
Sunday. He was going to come, and we got him a ride and everything but
he was sleeping when the member went to his house..
We stopped by the Medinas and talked to the girls because Sister
Medina was not home.

Friday morning we helped someone move her things into a storage unit.
Her name is Bei Bei and she is friends with a less active.
We had a lesson with Everaldo and Sister Hartman came with us. We read
Alma 40 and talked about the resurrection and the spirit world.
We had lunch with Sister Swanson and her friend and their kids.
We had some lessons fall through but we had some good ones too!
We stopped by Sister Hall's and she told us some good news and that
she would be at church on Sunday!! SHE CAME!!!
We went to Sister Smith's and read 3 Nephi 17.
We had a lesson with Brandon about him knowing for himself and talked
about how he needs to read the Book of Mormon to gain a
witness/testimony that it is true.
We stopped by and talked to Brianna. We shared a video with her. She
came to church too with her cousin!
We had a little lesson with Edwin about church, pray, read. HE
We ate dinner at the Trapps. Cute young Peruvian family.
We had a lesson thingy with Roberto and Sister Santiago.

Saturday morning we helped Minwoo move. He is officially gone off to
Utah!! Sad but exciting.
After that, we drove an hour to Crisfield! Our area is huge and we
never have the miles to go over there but this time we did! It was the
first time Sister Stubben has been there since she's been here for 6
months! We visited a ton of less actives. We met a few. They all said
they wish there was a branch out there so they don't have to travel as
far. And everyone wants missionaries over there. It would be really
good if they put missionaries in those areas that we can't really get
to with miles.
Ate dinner at the Wilson's.
Stopped by the Laytons. Pam talked to us for a long time. We shared
"our true identity" with them.

Sunday morning I decided to paint my nails. I haven't had nail polish
on like a whole year!! I decided that the first thing I want to do
when I get home is get a pedicure!! (P.s mom)
Okay, Sunday miracle - we had 8 investigators and 8 less actives at
church!!! It was awesome.
Also, Sister Stubben and I taught Gospel Principles and we did a Book
of Mormon read 3 Nephi 11.
Also, like everyone we visited that day, told us that we both look
nice! It was hilarious. In the car I was like "it's because I painted
my finger nails"πŸ˜‚
We ate dinner at the Johnson's with the Taylors and their friend. It
was a lot of fun and super cute kids!
We had FHE with the Sollars and talked about the "what lack I yet" talk.

Today we are going to Ocean City with the north sisters. It should be
really fun :)

P.S I have the cutest baby nephew in the entire world.

Sister Gronning