Monday, February 29, 2016

1st Baptism- check!

Hey everyone!! It is pday again! My one month mark is on Thursday!
That is crazy. It doesn't feel like I've been gone one month. But it
feels like I've been out in the field for more than two weeks. If that
even makes sense lol. I've cried I think only twice this week. One was
when we were in our car and we were listening to a super sad song
about missionary life and it was talking about packing our stuff and
heading to the mtc and saying bye to our family's and of course I
cried and sister Blake had to turn it off lol. I miss the mtc. The
second time I cried was when sister Blake asked how I was doing and
how my stress was. But anyways, I'm doing okay! I love our
investigators and our ward members.
Last Monday was a super chill day. We had to put the car in the shop
in the morning and we did laundry and emailed at a members house and
then pretty much just chilled in our apartment all day until dinner.
Side note, we now have wifi in our apartment! We asked our neighbor
across from us if we could use their wifi and they said yes! Took a
nap and it felt so great. Had dinner with a super cute family.
Tuesday we got to walk in the freezing cold rain and got soaked.. I
couldn't find my umbrella (I did find it later though) and I didn't
wear my big coat. We met some nice people though. One guy said we
could come back in a few hours so we did. He said he didn't think we
would actually come back lol. He told us about his life and his
divorce and everything. He said he might come to church because it is
early. Our church is at 8:30 am like my ward at home! He smoked in his
house right in front of us.. Awkward.
As we were walking, a car stopped and rolled down the window and this
teenager looking boy asked if we were from a church and we said yes
and we gave him a temple pass a long card.
We have some nice members who are willing to give us rides.
Wednesday we had a conference call with all the missionaries in our
mission and the president and his councilors and their wives. They
talked about Christ like attributes and they focused on hope. They
also wanted us to read our patriarchal blessing and write down our
spiritual gifts God gave us. It was cool.
One day we did service at a food bank for three hours. I got to wear
jeans. It felt nice lol. We sorted food and then boxed some items up.
It was fun. I'm pretty sure I did something like that for young
woman's or something.
We met with tom and talked to him about prophets and priesthood
blessings because when he was 17 he got in a car accident and screwed
up his back and every now and then it gives out. He could barely move
and walk. It was sad. He doesn't want to go to the doctor and get it
checked though for some odd reason... Speaking of doctors, I always
have headaches and I've had them when I was home too and my companions
say I should probably get that checked.. But something funny is,
whenever he texts us he always says Blake first then says whatever
then ends with ok Blake. It is hilarious and it freaks sister Blake
out hahaha. We have a signature with all our names on it but he just
always says Blake.
The most important thing that happened though was Saturday we had a
baptism!! Geri was baptized!! It was awesome. There was actually quite
a lot of people there. So before it started the elders were there
showing us how to fill the font and everything and so we filled it
below the drain and turned it off. Then Geris husband goes over and
looks at the water and says "do you think that's enough water for the
baptism?" And sister rash said yes and I said I think it went down..
So we just left it and right before it started, bishop checked the
water and it had drained! And there was barely any water in it at all!
It was crazy. So he re filled it up. It all worked out haha. The
refreshments were awesome. They were all desserts. While she was
changing into her clothes we shared the restoration video. She got
confirmed on Sunday. She was so happy :) And so were we. She had given
us hair flower clips and we all were them on Saturday for her.
Today we have to get our oil changed and go to the store sometime. My
watch broke, it doesn't work at all. I don't know what happened lol
but I need to get a new one. It feels weird without a watch.
One day we ate at friendlys and it was so good. I had a sandwich that
had like bbq chicken nuggets or something on it and cheese and it was
so yummy and for dessert I got a peanut butter cup sundae :)
Also one day we ate at a tai food place and it was also yummy. I ate
these noodles with chicken it it lol. We eat a lot here. Also the
members like to feed us and give us left overs so whenever we don't
have a dinner appointment, we have tons of food at the apartment haha.
The area where I am, the street lights are hanging on like wire, it's
weird but kinda cool at the same time. And also, I think because of
the rain, it's always muddy so sometimes where we walk it's all mushy
and gross. My shoes are all dirty :p
We got our car washed today and that was so awesome. It was so cool
haha. We had to vacuum the inside too, and that was fun. I got to put
gas in the car. That was new to me lol.
I like this area. The weather is kinda bipolar though. Right now it
feels nice and I don't need a jacket but it looks like it's going to
rain. I really like my companions and my district is cool too. We have
district meetings every Thursday. We have two zone meetings or
something this week so that's weird. We are wondering what they are
going to be like.
I hope everyone is doing well. Let me know if you want my address to
send me letters. I would love letters :) Or ask my mom for it lol.
I love you all!
Sister Gronning