Tuesday, February 9, 2016

First Pday in the MTC!

Hey everyone! It's Sister Gronning!!
It is Tuesday and finally my pday!
It has already felt like I have been here two weeks haha. Tomorrow is my one week mark and we get new missionaries and I am so excited. I just love missionaries. And now I am one!
I hope everyone is doing great.
I am doing pretty good. Staying busy. We are always studying, planning, teaching, and just learning! it has been fun though. We get to practice teaching investigators and that has been a really great experience. It is fun trying to help people learn about this gospel.
My companion is Sister Payne, she is from Arizona. I love her. We have gotten so close. I absolutely love my district. We are like family. There is 10 of us total. 6 elders and they are Elder Thomas (his brother served in Henderson), Elder Carter, Elder Bishop, Elder Chugg, Elder Grantham, and Elder Pruszynski. They are all going to Tampa, Florida. 4 sisters and they are Sister Payne, me, Sister Walton (I met her at Brick Oven the day I went to the mtc), and Sister Crystal. They are all so funny and awesome. We laugh a lot.
On the second day me and my companion got locked out of our room because we left our keys in the room when we went to shower and our roomies left and locked the door lol. There was some sisters in the hallway and we asked them what do we do and they went and got us a replacement key so we could get in to our room haha. It was funny. Then like two days after that, my companion lost her key. 
We went to the temple today with my district and that was pretty awesome. The provo temple was beautiful inside.
The food is pretty good. Everyday it is something different. I really like the desserts lol. I think it was on the first day I got here, they had BYU creamery ice cream. Sooo good. 
I hope everyone is doing great. I am running out of things to talk about.. lol. Bye :)

Sister Shellie Gronning:)